Bill’s Worksheet

Bill's Excel Worksheet

Bill’s Excel Worksheet:

Learn the formula to control spending and reduce debts to zero – it’s FREE.

Here’s an opportunity for you, my blog readers, to simplify your financial life.

Take control of your spending and reduce debts with my no budget Excel Fast Track Cash Flow Expense and Debt WorksheetIt’s Free! Click here.

Don’t let this Excel Worksheet intimidate you! Even if you have had little or no experience with an Excel spreadsheet with a few double clicks, you will find it easy to use.

This worksheet contains the formula to control spending and reduce debts to zero. It can change the way you’ve conducted your financial affairs forever!

Stick with this. Overcome any negative predisposition you have to making changes, from a spender to a saver. You can be debt free if you follow our formula, to take control of your costly spending habits.

If wealth is the number of years you can live comfortably without working, what is your vision?

Set that vision firmly in your mind as you are about to step into a life in which, You Can Be… Debt Free.


Coming soon, animated instruction video to guide you to making your own Excel Debt Management Worksheet even simpler. 

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