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Build Employee Performance & Longevity with educational debt management workshops

Management may view an employee as “marginal” and accept his/her limitations as measured against the cost of hiring and training a new employee. But suppose the marginal employee, through our debt management workshop resolves personal financial problems, and as a result improves job performance and soon is regarded as a “quality” employee.

Debt is a major challenge in the success of our professional, business and personal lives. Given the opportunity of our debt management educational workshops, it is cost effective to improve employee and Trade Union member performance and reduce the employee turnover rate.

The clearer the participant’s expectations are for what they want to get out of our debt management program, the greater the chance they will achieve those expectations and become more valued employees.

Debt is a major challenge in the success of our professional, business and personal lives.

Educational Based Marketing for the Banking Industry

“Authentic content that educates the consumer is the new currency of marketing.” *

Give the consumer an opportunity to learn how to manage money, control spending, reduce debt without budgeting, and you have earned a new client.

With its formulas and proven system, Smart Money Management can provide every area of debt management; a workbook manual, Power Point slide presentations, and educational videos. This will be a fully integrated design – a complete platform across hardware, software and service customized for a national or regional bank. Your bank can offer this life-changing event and build a powerhouse profit center at low cost.


The cost of marketing and training effort is minimal against the near lifetime of banking and brokerage by your new client, secured by monthly/yearly direct payroll or social security deposits.

*John Jantsch
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