The Bridge Between Substance and Style

Most of us define financial success by the size and quality of our home. Your home is your shelter a place to live. It should not be regarded as an appreciating retirement fund. It does not replace the need to save for retirement. Even with the advantage of tax deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes, the advantage can be offset by declining home values, increasing adjustable rate...

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Mediocrity vs. Excellence

Mediocrity is not all bad. It can come in the form of a hamburger. Consider thousands of fast food restaurants that serve hamburgers. That’s planned mediocrity. Excellence comes in the form of innovative thinking in search of a product or service that will exceed all expectations. In its most natural form, excellence is driven by an attitude to be the very...

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Retirement: The Elephant in the Room

A study by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management shows that parents who are helping family members financially (mostly adult children), are risking an impact on their own retirement. It can derail your retirement plans; with overindulgence in financial support for your adult children, you might need their help later. Openhandedness taken too far could be creating a generation of financially disabled...

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To All Those Who Have Passed My Way

May every day Be a gift for you And all your loved ones In this New Year.

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Gross income vs. Net income – learn the difference and save money

Before you take on any form of debt, credit cards, loans, mortgage payments, and recurring expenses, understanding the ratio of debt to income, will guide you to making good financial decisions. The financial world measures your credit and your ability to repay a loan by various arbitrary methods. You must be your own debt counselor, guided by the knowledge of how to manage debt that serves your...

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Recently when exercising at the gym, the lights went out, in my head. I blacked out became unconscious and fell to the floor from a heart attack. By chance a retired EMT working out next to me came to my rescue as did a medical doctor exercising nearby. Quick action by the retired EMT and the doctor plus the speed of the emergency EMT getting me to the hospital saved my life. After a cardiac...

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