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  • The Debt Free System is simple to use. You take immediate control of your spending and debts in 3 easy steps.
  • You start with a simple list of your expenses and debts. No budgets are required.
  • PCF Positive Cash Flow formula: Once all your expenses are listed and monthly payments are allocated, you adjust your monthly debt payments to leave enough cash for daily-living life-style spending. This formula limits your spending. Here is the formula:
  • Checking Account Balance
  • Estimated Monthly Income
  • Available Funds
  • Monthly Allocation
  • Cash Cushion
  • Hammer debts to zero in half the time: Learn the secret of compounding.


We know you will be completely satisfied with our workbook, you will be telling others about it.


And just when you thought: “How will I ever get out of debt…” You find the answer:


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