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The Bridge Between Substance and Style

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on The Bridge Between Substance and Style

Most of us define financial success by the size and quality of our home. Your home is your shelter a place to live. It should not be regarded as an appreciating retirement fund. It does not replace the need to save for retirement. Even with the advantage of tax deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes, the advantage can be offset by declining home values, increasing adjustable rate mortgages, leveraged financing, and consumer debt.

Owning a home is fine if you have the substance to go along with home ownership. Substance is not only the accumulation of assets, but life insurance to protect those assets and the well being of your family and yourself.

Retire your mortgage before retirement by pre-paying enough extra money with each monthly payment to wipe out the loan by the year you want to retire. Second choice, downsize earlier, purchase a small condominium and put the proceeds into an investment account. Another option: rent in a 55+ Senior Retirement Community with all of its amenities. With long term savings and investments you can live on Social Security and retirement income from interest on investments and still maintain the principal.

The shorter the time in debt, the longer you have for retirement investing. You will have lived like Freddy Frugal and his wife Prudence, the closet frugal millionaires.

Mediocrity vs. Excellence

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Mediocrity vs. Excellence

Mediocrity is not all bad. It can come in the form of a hamburger. Consider thousands of fast food restaurants that serve hamburgers. That’s planned mediocrity. Excellence comes in the form of innovative thinking in search of a product or service that will exceed all expectations. In its most natural form, excellence is driven by an attitude to be the very best. 

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