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About Us


I thank my ex business partner, Albert Stone for the genesis of Debt Free. Without realizing it this system evolved from Al’s PCF Positive Cash Flow analysis, a business we owned many years ago.

After I retired from business, I accumulated large debt because of major health problems in my family, my own failure to curb credit card and equity loan debt. I had lost financial control. I always had good organizational skills, but I still couldn’t find a way to reduce debt. I started with budgets, writing down all my purchases. But when I looked at all my cash expenditures, movies, groceries, ATM withdrawals, and dozens of other items, with little pieces of paper stuck in my pocket to add to my five page budget list, I gave up. It was like chasing a ghost.

But ah, I remembered Al’s PCF – Positive Cash Flow formula. We had a chain of furniture and appliance stores, plus a television and appliance service company. Our office staff included an accountant, bookkeeper, assistant, several office workers, plus an outside accounting firm. Neither Al nor I had any accounting background; we relied on our staff and accounting firm for guidance in supporting the financial end of our business.

There were stacks of computer reports: inventory, accounts payable, sales, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, taxes, and depreciation schedules. When we sat at our conference table across from each other, all I could see was Al’s bald head beyond the stacks of reports.

Our accountant prepared some of the reports, profit and loss statements, and our accounting firm completed the balance sheet and reviewed them with us. After a few monthly five hour sessions with dozens of cups of coffee, plus huge headaches and lots of Excedrin, we did digest the information. Al pored over the reams of data and extracted numbers that made sense to him. He said “If we can control expenses, increase our cash flow, and have more coming in than going out, the rest will take care of itself.” And it does. Al called it PCF Positive Cash Flow.

So, by extracting all operating expenses, measuring them by percentages month to month for increases/decreases, and monitoring sales volume, Al created a monthly analysis of our cash flow. We then acted and corrected any expense item out of line with his cash flow analysis. That process saved us thousands of dollars yearly, and with other innovative actions, we operated our business successfully as a partnership for 30 years.

Years later, finding myself in huge debt, I thought back to the years in business and applied the PCF – Positive Cash Flow formula to achieve a debt free life. I modified the concept and adapted it to educational workshops where I teach Debt Free at a community college and a private debt counseling practice. I now counsel others to a debt free life, and a start to building wealth.

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